Our extensive inventory of used equipment is cleaned, repaired and tested to ensure proper operations by our team of expert technicians. To satisfy a variety of needs and budgets, we offer used equipment in the following levels of condition:

Remanufactured: All parts are removed and the equipment is stripped down to the steel frame. The frame is cleaned, primed and repainted. Manufactured parts are inspected and repaired or replaced as needed along with sandblasted and repainted prior to installation. The electrical box and components are upgraded to the latest code requirements. All pneumatics, including valves, cylinders, tubing and cabletrol units are replaced with new. All motors, routers, belts, pulleys, bearings, and more are replaced with new. High-grade hardware and push-In fittings are used on all machinery. Warranty on parts and labor included.

Refurbished: Routers and motors will be rebuilt if necessary. All pneumatics; (valves, cylinders and tubing) are replaced with new. New valves and cylinders carry manufacturer’s warranty. Bearings, bushings and all other components are inspected and repaired or replaced. New cutters, bits and blades are installed. Machinery is inspected, tested, cleaned and in excellent operating condition prior to shipping.

As-Is: Equipment sold “as-is” is inspected and tested to ensure all functions are in proper working order. Any leaking valves or cylinders will be rebuilt or replaced. Machines will be operational and in good working order at time of delivery.